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Elemental Hero Thunder Giant - MF01-EN001 - Parallel Rare - Limited Edition
ATK/DEF: 2400/1500 | Attribute: Light | Card Number: MF01-EN001 | Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. The effect of 'Elemental Hero Thunder Giant' targets a monster. Discarding a card for this effect is a cost. This effect can be chained to. If the effect of 'Elemental Hero Thunder Giant' is activated, targeting 'King of the Skull Servants' with 2000 original ATK, and the opponent chains 'Curse of Aging' and discards 'Skull Servant' to activate it, then 'King of the Skull Servants' has 3000 original ATK and is not destroyed. | Card Type: Fusion/Effect Monster | Condition: | Edition: Limited | Level: 6 | Monster Type: Warrior | Name: Elemental Hero Thunder Giant | Passcode: 61204971 | Pendulum Scale: | Rarity: Parallel Rare | Set: Mattel Action Figure Series 1
Condition: Near Mint $1.83 x 2