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Dragon Master Knight - UE02-EN001 - Ultra Rare - Limited Edition
ATK/DEF: 5000/5000 | Attribute: Light | Card Number: UE02-EN001 | Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. [Re: Revoke Fusion] You cannot select a Fusion Monster that does not list any Fusion Material Monsters you can Special Summon. Example: You cannot select 'Dragon Master Knight' because you cannot Special Summon 'Black Luster Soldier' or 'Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon' from your hand. | Card Type: Fusion/Effect Monster | Condition: | Edition: Limited | Level: 12 | Monster Type: Dragon | Name: Dragon Master Knight | Passcode: 62873545 | Pendulum Scale: | Rarity: Ultra Rare | Set: Ultimate Edition 2
Condition: Near Mint $3.39 x 1