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Rush Recklessly - CP02-EN013 - Common - Unlimited Edition
ATK/DEF: | Attribute: Spell | Card Number: CP02-EN013 | Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. [Re: 8-Claws Scorpion] The ATK of '8-Claws Scorpion' becomes 2400 during damage calculation. You cannot chain 'Rush Recklessly' or 'Blast with Chain' to this effect. If these cards were activated before damage calculation, then the ATK of '8-Claws Scorpion' becomes 2400 during damage calculation so those cards have no effect on its ATK. [Re: Blast Magician] If 'Rush Recklessly' is chained to the effect of 'Blast Magician', and the ATK of the target monster is now higher than 700 x the number of Spell Counters removed, the effect of 'Blast Magician' disappears. You cannot remove additional Spell Counters to increase the effect. [Re: Cyber Laser Dragon] The ATK or DEF of the targeted monster must be greater than (or equal to) the ATK of 'Cyber Laser Dragon' when the effect resolves in order for it to be destroyed. Example: You target 'Jinzo' with this card's effect. The opponent chains 'Rush Recklessly' to raise 'Cyber Laser Dragon's' ATK to 3100. 'Jinzo' is not destroyed. [Re: Cyber Tutu] If 'Cyber Tutu' uses her effect to attack directly, you can activate 'Rush Recklessly' during the DAMAGE STEP, and even if it raises her ATK higher than the ATK of an opponent's monster a replay will not occur. But if you activate 'Rush Recklessly' during the BATTLE STEP, a replay will occur. [Re: Dark Scorpion Combination] When you attack with 'Dark Scorpion Combination', the Battle Damage is 400 points for each Dark Scorpion, even if their ATK's are changed by some Equip Spell Card, Field Spell Card, 'Rush Recklessly', etc. (exception: 'Rod of the Mind's Eye' will adjust the damage to become 1000 points). [Re: Elemental Hero Mariner] If your only face-down card is 'Rush Recklessly', you can attack directly, and then during the DAMAGE STEP, activate 'Rush Recklessly' and the direct attack will continue. This is because Replays do not usually occur during the Damage Step. [Re: Freed the Brave Wanderer] If your opponent chains 'Rush Recklessly' to 'Freed the Brave Wanderer''s effect to increase 'Freed the Brave Wanderer''s ATK by 700 points, and the ATK of the target monster is now lower than 'Freed the Brave Wanderer''s ATK when its effect resolves, the target monster is not destroyed. [Re: Goggle Golem] If 'Goggle Golem' gains ATK from 'Rush Recklessly', etc. and then is Normal Summoned again, the ATK increase is recalculated after applying its new original ATK. [Re: Heart of Clear Water] If a monster equipped with this card has its ATK increased over 1299, by the effect of 'Rush Recklessly', etc., this card is destroyed. [Re: Imperial Order] 'Imperial Order' cannot be activated in the Damage Step, so you cannot activate it to negate 'Rush Recklessly', etc. in the Damage Step. [Re: Obnoxious Celtic Guard] 'Obnoxious Celtic Guard''s effect looks at the ATK during Damage Calculation. So if he's WIND and is attacked by 'Insect Soldiers of the Sky', their ATK is 2000 during Damage Calculation and 'Obnoxious Celtic Guard' is not destroyed. Or if an 1800 monster attacks and you use 'Rush Recklessly' to increase the ATK to 2500 during the Damage Step, 'Obnoxious Celtic Guardian' is not destroyed. [Re: Secret Pass to the Treasures] If the monster attacks your opponent's Life Points directly, you cannot use an effect such as 'Rush Recklessly' to increase its ATK above 1000 during the attack. If a monster attacks directly using the effect of 'Secret Pass to the Treasures', 'automatic' increases will not apply ('Super Robolady', etc.). If you use 'Secret Pass to the Treasures' on 'Injection Fairy Lily', and attack directly, you cannot activate the effect of 'Injection Fairy Lily'. [Re: Spirit Reaper] If 'Spirit Reaper' is destroyed by its effect during the Damage Step, such as if 'Rush Recklessly' was activated to increase its ATK, destroy 'Spirit Reaper' with its effect AFTER damage calculation. [Re: Twin-Shield Defender] If 'Rush Recklessly' is activated after 'Twin-Shield Defender's' effect resolves, the ATK gained from 'Rush Recklessly' is not halved. [Re: Unstable Evolution] If the equipped monster gains 700 ATK with 'Rush Recklessly' and afterwards 'Unstable Evolution' is removed from the field or negated, etc., the monster's original ATK returns to normal and 'Rush Recklessly' is reapplied. | Card Type: Quick-Play Spell | Condition: | Edition: Unlimited | Level: | Monster Type: | Name: Rush Recklessly | Passcode: 70046172 | Pendulum Scale: | Rarity: Common | Set: Champion Pack: Game 2
Condition: Light Play $0.27 x 1