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Kuriboh - FL1-EN003 - Secret Rare - Limited Edition
ATK/DEF: 300/200 | Attribute: Dark | Card Number: FL1-EN003 | Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. 'Kuriboh' does not target the attacking monster. 'Kuriboh' only prevents Battle Damage to your Life Points it will not prevent your monsters from being destroyed. 'Kuriboh' can only be activated while in your hand, its effect cannot be used while 'Kuriboh' is on the field. 'Kuriboh's' effect is a Quick Effect. 'Kuriboh' is activated during damage calculation. If your opponent attacks with 'Injection Fairy Lily' and activates her effect, you can chain 'Kuriboh' to reduce the damage to zero. [Re: After the Struggle] Even if the Battle Damage is reduced to 0 by the effect of 'Waboku', 'Kuriboh', 'Sanga of the Thunder', etc., both the attacking and defending monster are still destroyed during the End Step by this card's effect. [Re: Airknight Parshath] If the opponent activates 'Waboku' or 'Kuriboh' to reduce the Battle Damage to 0, you do not draw. [Re: Amazoness Swords Woman] When the controller of 'Amazoness Swordswoman' uses 'Kuriboh', the controller takes zero Battle Damage so no damage is dealt to the opponent. [Re: Banisher of the Light] 'Kuriboh' and 'Thunder Dragon' can be discarded from your hand and activated while 'Banisher of the Light' is on the field. [Re: Charm of Shabti] 'Charm of Shabti' is like a reverse-'Kuriboh': you take damage from the attack as normal, but your monster is unharmed. [Re: Damage Condenser] 'Damage Condenser' is activated during the Damage Step immediately after you take battle damage. Because 'Kuriboh' is activated before this (during damage calculation), you cannot discard 'Kuriboh' to prevent damage and still activate 'Damage Condenser' when taking damage for the same attack. [Re: Decayed Commander] 'Decayed Commander''s card-discarding effect only activates when 'Decayed Commander' attacks directly AND deals 1 or more points of Battle Damage to the opponent, so if the opponent uses 'Kuriboh' or 'Waboku' then 'Decayed Commander''s effect does not activate. [Re: Divine Wrath] You can activate 'Divine Wrath' when the opponent discards 'Kuriboh' from his / her hand to negate the effect of 'Kuriboh' and when a 'Night Assailant' is discarded to negate the effect of returning a Flip Effect monster to the owner's hand. [Re: Exchange] If you take your opponent's 'Kuriboh' through the effect of 'Exchange' you may discard it to activate its effect (but it is discarded to your opponent's Graveyard). [Re: Fairy Meteor Crush] 'Kuriboh' or 'Waboku' can be used to prevent the damage caused by 'Fairy Meteor Crush' because it is Battle Damage. [Re: Goblin of Greed] 'Goblin of Greed' prevents discarding as a cost, but not as part of an effect. So 'Goblin of Greed' will stop 'Kuriboh', but not 'Mirage of Nightmare' or 'Graceful Charity'. [Re: Gravekeeper's Vassal] The damage that is inflicted to your opponent's Life Points as a result of battle with 'Gravekeeper's Vassal' attack is treated as effect damage instead, not Battle Damage. So your opponent cannot use 'Kuriboh' or 'Waboku' to prevent the damage, for example. [Re: Gravekeeper's Watcher] You cannot activate 'Gravekeeper's Watcher' when a card is discarded as a cost, such as 'Magic Jammer', 'Kuriboh', 'Tribute to the Doomed', 'Thunder Dragon', or 'Type Zero Magic Crusher'. [Re: Necrovalley] 'Necrovalley' will NOT negate effects that are activated when a card is sent TO the Graveyard or that activate IN the Graveyard or that count cards in the Graveyard. So it will NOT negate the effects of 'Sangan', 'Witch of the Black Forest', 'Black Pendant', 'Giant Rat', 'Mystic Tomato', 'Kuriboh', 'Graceful Charity', 'Sinister Serpent', 'Marie the Fallen One', 'Buster Blader', 'Shadow Ghoul', 'Helpoemer', 'Sword of Deep-Seated', 'Vampire Lord', 'Coffin Seller', and 'Magical Thorn'. [Re: Nutrient Z] You cannot activate 'Kuriboh' in a chain to 'Nutrient Z''s effect. The effect of 'Kuriboh' would reduce the Battle Damage to 0, and then the effect of 'Nutrient Z' will no longer increase you Life Points. You must actually take the damage to gain the benefit of 'Nutrient Z''s effect. [Re: Prohibition] If 'Thunder Dragon', 'Honest', or 'Kuriboh' is declared with 'Prohibition', it can be discarded with 'Card Destruction' but it cannot be discarded to activate its effect. [Re: Rod of the Mind's Eye] The damage caused by 'Rod of the Mind's Eye' is Battle Damage, so it can be reduced to zero with 'Waboku' or 'Kuriboh'. [Re: Spear Dragon] If 'Spear Dragon' attacks, even if the damage is reduced to 0 by the effect of 'Waboku' or 'Kuriboh', it is still changed to Defense Position. [Re: Spirit Reaper] 'Spirit Reaper' only forces your opponent to discard when 'Spirit Reaper' attacks directly (such as when your opponent has no monsters on the field), AND when it inflicts at least 1 point of damage to the opponent's Life Points. So if your opponent uses 'Kuriboh', 'Waboku', or 'Tornado Wall' to prevent the damage, 'Spirit Reaper' does not force the opponent to discard. [Re: The Unhappy Girl] If 'The Unhappy Girl' is in attack position and her controller uses 'Waboku' or 'Kuriboh' to take no damage from the attack, the attacking monster still cannot change battle position. [Re: Theban Nightmare] If you have only 'Kuriboh' in your hand, and no Spell or Trap Cards on the field, and your 'Theban Nightmare' battles with a card that has higher ATK/DEF, and you discard 'Kuriboh', the ATK of 'Theban Nightmare' is increased by 1500 AFTER damage calculation (but 'Theban Nightmare' is still destroyed by damage calculation unless an effect like 'Waboku' had been activated previously during the turn). [Re: Yata-Garasu] If the Battle Damage caused by this card is reduced to 0 (with the effect of 'Kuriboh', 'Waboku', etc.) its effect is not activated. | Card Type: Effect Monster | Condition: | Edition: Limited | Level: 1 | Monster Type: Fiend | Name: Kuriboh | Passcode: 40640057 | Pendulum Scale: | Rarity: Secret Rare | Set: Forbidden Legacy 1
Condition: Heavy Play $8.02 x 1