Up & Running in Tigard

posted on 10/01/15

We are up and running as a Brick & Mortar in Tigard, OR

Open five days a week for now.  Hours/Days may change based on traffic.

Monday 1-6pm

Tuesday 1-6pm

Wednesday CLOSED

Thrusday 1-6pm

Friday 1-6pm

Saturday 1-7pm



7360 SW Bonita Rd

Suite B

Tigard, OR 97224

Behind Empire Batteries about 4 blocks from the Home Depot


Hoopla Sports is Closing

posted on 08/09/15

Hoopla Sports is closing the doors at the end of September 2015

We will be moving the Magic: The Gathering operations from there to our warehouse. 

We will be open toward the middle/end of September. 

I will have more information as I figure it out.

We just had ComCast in for internet/phone installation, so things are underway.

Change to local pickup policy

posted on 01/26/14

Due to too many orders under $1, we have added a $1 local pick-up fee for orders under $5.  The fees on a handful of ten cent commons make it cost prohibitive to provide free local pickup.  If you place an order for local pickup over $5 it will still be free.

Free domestic first class mail starting at $35

posted on 10/17/13

We have lowered our free shipping threshold for domstic orders to $35 for first class mail.  

Free priority mail starts at $75

Also, half off shipping on international orders over $50


posted on 07/31/13

We just picked up a large collection of miniatures. 

Over the next couple of weeks we will be adding a bunch of D&D Minis, Mage Knight, & HeroClix.

International Shipping

posted on 02/15/13

The USPS has raised international rates substantially, so the new rates are reflected in our new shipping costs.  Small packages to Europe are now costing about $10 in postage, so take that into account.


Also, we are no longer shipping to Chile, Brazil, or Italy.  Their record for 'lost' mail is just too high. 

Adding the Philippines to the list of blocked countries.  Two more packages 'lost' last month.


Return to Ravnica LIVE

posted on 10/04/12

Return to Ravnica is live on the 5th & all pre-orders will ship by lunch time.   It looks like a strong set.  Have Fun!

Return to Ravnica PREORDERS

posted on 09/05/12

They started spoiling Return to Ravnica, so we have started preselling cards.  Any order with Return to Ravnica singles will ship on October 5th.  We will be updating as more cards get spoiled. 

Avacyn Restored - PreOrders

posted on 04/10/12

We have just started posting Avacyn Restored for PreOrder.  Any orders containing Avacyn Restored cards will be held until release day (May 4th)  The spoiler is pretty small as of today, but we will be adding cards as the become avaliable.

Re-Stock on modern Commons & Uncommons

posted on 02/12/12

Mike has been sorting like a madman....

Shannon has been grading 'til her eyes are blurry....

I've been listing overtime.....

By the end of the month we should have re-stock done for commons & uncommons for the modern format (plus a few more sets) 


Also, adding more YuGiOh singles.  Almost 10k sorted by set and almost alphabetized.

We just need to grade them & get the sets priced out.


We also have a line on some more Mage Knight/D&D figures. 

Hopefully, the deal will get closed by the end of the month.  It looks like about 1500 pieces or so....


Thanks for your support, Shonn